Friday, August 10, 2018

How to see your saved password in your chrome browser

Password Save In Chrome Browser
Nowadays internet usage will increase and all the web application need the login credential to access the site. We need the username and password for the all the sites. The username you can keep for all site same but you can not use the same password for all the web application. Because all the application has the different set of password policy. Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Character, Numbers, maximum this much character and minimum this much character. So much restriction.

For this issue, most of the people save the password and username in the browser itself. Because of some not able to remember the password for all.

If you login in to the web application after the you give the username and password after login to the application browser will ask you to save this username and password in the browser its self for next time login without given the password and username login in to this application most of the people will give the yes to save the data in the browser.

If you want to see your username and password will save in the Chrome browser or not buy simple easy steps.

Just open the browser in your computer and click the three vertical dot icon present in the top right corner of the browser below to the close button of the browser.

After the click, it will show the drop down in that you can select the setting option. It will take to setting page.

In that setting page, you can see the password option. Click the password option it will take password stores page.

In that, you can see the list of username and its password.

The password will be hidden if you are using the laptop means you will give the laptop password to see the saved password in the chrome browser.

If you are using the desktop or mobile you must be given the corresponding device password to see the saved password in the browser.

You can also export the save password in the browser just click the export button. The same step for export the save password from the browser just given the corresponding device password to export the saved password from the browser.

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