Monday, October 8, 2018

4 useful WhatsApp App and Extension you know

WhatsApp app and Extension
1. WhatsAuto: Auto replay to your WhatsApp Messages.
WhatsAuto is an auto replay app using this you can auto replay to your WhatsApp message when you at work, driving, meeting any situation you not able to replay for your WhatsApp messages. You can set the auto replay in the WhatsAuto if you received the message just choose the message template replay to them.

The app is easy to customize. You can choose from preset template auto-replies, or create a custom one. It works with formatting, so you can bold, italicize, or strikethrough any text. You can choose whom to send auto-replies to, such as your whole contact list, only some people, or all people with the exception of your favourites. By default, there is an “Auto Reply” header on top of the reply, but you can remove that if you want.

WhatsAuto also lets you choose how often to send a message. You can reply to every message that a contact sends, or be less annoying by giving them a five-minute window before sending the auto-reply again to that contact.

2. HideMedia chrome extension.

If you using the WhatsApp web in your desktop or laptop browser if you received the message like photos and video it will big in size. Because in your computer the chat conversation is in big in size. If you received the photos and videos it will automatically download and its view by the other back of your computer are anybody walk backside your computer chair. Using this extension it will hide the media file when you want to see that media click on the file to view that file. Other time it will be hidden. It will maintain your privacy while using the app.

3.WikiBot: Wikipedia on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has done more than chatting. WhatsApp gives the news update, job alert, tickets and so on. But you can not know that. WhatsApp gives the Wikipedia. If you send the word in the chat conversation

WikiBot will send the Wiki information of which word you send to the Wikibot. Here’s how it works. You will need to add WikiBot’s phone number to your contact list first, and ideally save it as WikiBot. Then send a message to the number that says:

You will get a reply acknowledging that you have activated the service, and will also mention a method to unsubscribe if you ever want to.

That’s it, you’re set to use the bot. Send a word or a phrase, and WikiBot will reply with a few lines of definition. It’s a good way to look up the meanings of simple things or find out whom a person is, without having to Google them.

WAToolkit: Chrome Extension.
WAToolkit is chrome extension using this you can read the message in the WhatsApp web without open the WhatsApp Web tab on your chrome browser. After adding this extension in your browser it will appear in the browser toolbar. Like this.

If you received the message in WhatsApp it will show the notification. How many messages received in the WhatsApp. It will show the count. Just mouse over the WAToolkit icon in the toolbar it will show the all messages message in the toolbar itself. You no need to open WhatsApp tab in the browser.

WAToolkit fixes the width of chat bubbles. For some reason, WhatsApp doesn’t stretch chat bubbles across the entire screen, not utilizing the extent of your wide monitor. WAToolkit makes chat bubbles full-width to optimize screen space.

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