Monday, October 22, 2018

How to share the iPhone photos and videos using iCloud.

iCloud Photos Share throw iCloud link
Smart Phone user are daily take the photos, videos and selfie for the memories. After that take the photos and videos they want to share the file with others or friends and family. That time you need to transfer the photo throw the messaging app or file transfers etc. But media file are not saved in your mobile device for a long time. Because if you taking more image and videos in future, your phone memory will full and you can’t able to take the new photos. You want to delete the data from your devices for a new file to store on your mobile phone. If you store your file into cloud means you take any time from the cloud. And your data will save safely.

In iCloud, they introduce the new feature to share your media file throw iCloud link. Any time they can download it from the cloud.

How to enable this feature in your mobile iPhone follow this below steps.

Open the Setting in your Phone and tab your Apple ID. And move to the next screen.

In that new screen you can see your iCloud details and below that, you can see the iCloud option just tab that iCloud option and move to the next screen.

In the iCloud page, you can see the iCloud storage details and below that, you can see the Photos option. Tab the photo option and move to the Photo setting page in the First option you see the iCloud Photos just tab the toggle button to enable the iCloud Photos option. After that enable it will turn to green colour.

If the toggle button already enables means just leave it.

Now go to photos and select any one photo in your photos library after selecting the photo now select the share option and now you can see the list of share option in that list you also see the copy iCloud link now the iCloud link will copy to your clipboard.

Now you can share the link with your friends and family member whom you want to share your photos and video. They used the link and download the photos. Any number of time they can download the file until you can delete the photos from the iCloud.

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