Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to use the two mobile number in WhatsApp

Two Mobile Numbers On WhatsApp
In your WhatsApp application, you have used the single mobile number. But mobile has the dual sim other than iPhone but new modal mobile also have the dual sim. If you have the dual sim in your phone most of the people need the two WhatsApp account. But it is not possible in the WhatsApp. At the time you can use the single number in the WhatsApp app.

How to use the dual mobile in the WhatsApp in a Single phone.

Here the solution you did not need to install any other third party application on your mobile to root the dual mobile number in the WhatsApp account. Just install the WhatsApp Business application this one another version of the WhatsApp app. This one is designed for Business Purpose.

This Business app is used the business people communicate with the customers. This app has a lot of features it mainly designed for the business people like vendors, shops, Hotels, Bakery Movies, Delivery Peoples, Retail Outlets etc.,

But using this app you can use the dual mobile number in this app and also it working like normal WhatsApp. What is the feature you used in the normal WhatsApp app all of them also available in this Business app.

It has a few additional features for businesses, like “quick replies” to send frequently written messages, labels to identify different chats, and so on.
But more than anything else, WhatsApp Business works perfectly with two different numbers. The contact list remains the same on both apps, but you get to decide which SIM you want to reply from by firing up either WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

Right now, WhatsApp Business is available only for Android and not on iOS. WhatsApp has said that it will soon be launching an iOS version for the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, which let you use two SIMS.

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