Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How to Record your Screen on Mac Device free.

In a computer, if you want to record your screen for the video you need to install the additional software on your laptop or pc devices. In windows Linux, you need the third party software for screen recording. But in Mac devices now you did not need any third party software. In the Mac New version macOS Mojave they include the Screen Recorder inbuilt.

How to record your screen.

The first step you want to update your update your Mac device to macOS Mojave.

After install you try this Screen Recorder feature computer.

If you want to record the screen just press the Shift + Command + 5 on your keyboard now screen recorder will open in your screen.

In that screen capture toolbar, they have two operations either you want to take the screenshot or you what to record the screen as the video.

  • First three option for Screen Shoot images.

  • And next two option to record the screen in video format.

In the screen capture have two feature it will take a screenshot and also it will record your screen.

In this screen recorder, it will have the two option.

1. If you want to record the entire screen.

2. If you want to record the particular portion of the screen.

After the two option, it will have the Options button for screen recording. In that option button, you will configure the where the video will save and you want to set the time for video recording.

And if you want to enable or disable the microphone audio for the video. Show Mouse click and float the thumbnail after end the video recording.

Just click the record button to start the recording and stop the recording by stop button appear on the top toolbar near to the wifi icon.

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