Monday, November 26, 2018

How much time you spend on Facebook

How much time you spend on Facebook
Facebook has the new feature track you much time you spend on the Facebook daily. Using this you can know how much time you spend on Facebook.

In this report, it will show the report for one-week Sunday to Saturday. In that, it will show how much amount of time you daily spend on Facebook this week. Just tap on the day bar it will show how time spends each day.

This feature now only available for mobile devices. Both Android and iOS.

Just got to the Facebook app and you can see the three line menu option you just tap the option you will get the Facebook menu. In that just scroll down and you can see the setting option. Just tap the setting option you can see some submenu under the setting in that submenu you can see the Your Time on Facebook option.

Just tap the menu it will take you to report page. Below you can see the additional option.

News Feed preference: In this, you can edit the preference of the photos, videos, and post you want to see you first.

Friends on Facebook: choose how you interact with your current friends, see new recommendations and accept a friend request.

Set a daily reminder: We'll send you a reminder once you've reached the time that you've set for yourself.

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